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  • Desert Get Away - Summer '17 (Video)

    Its Summer again and we have a new video to help you get motivated for the coming months. This time we got out of the office and ventured out to the desert for a little fun in the sun. ... Read More
  • For Rich Amundson, Every Day Is Sunny

    The founder of Dicks Cottons and Shades Club came up with the idea for premium-but-affordable sunglasses while sailing the Adriatic Sea—and never looked back. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Rich Amundson came up with his big idea after running into a problem of his own. In his case, it involved a sailing trip to Croatia—that would go on to change his life.... Read More
  • The Making of an AMSCO T-shirt

    Ever wonder how a t-shirt is made? We thought you might, so we put together a video to give you a quick look into our t-shirt manufacturing.... Read More
  • The Rebirth of ‘American Muscle’ Music

    Why Brian Logan Dales, the frontman of The Summer Set, is taking a solo dive to explore a new-old sound.... Read More
  • For Shoe Designer Rob Gregg, There Is No Typical Day

    Meet the self-made style man who plans to disrupt a centuries-old industry. Rob Gregg is something of a modern-day Renaissance man. A native of California, Gregg landed in New York a few years ago, to chase more than a few dreams.... Read More
  • Kasey Jones Ink: Art Imitating Life

    How Kasey Blaustein, founder of Kasey Jones, Ink., transformed a creative passion into a thriving business.... Read More
  • "Anything But Basic" - Forbes Magazine

    Basics are the foundation of every persons wardrobe. People usually push them to the back of thier closets and don't give them much thought, but actually basics are the cornerstone of every good fashion outfit.... Read More
  • The best zip hoodie money can buy.

    Clothing is a tough balance, some people want soft, some people want durable, but most people want one thing and that is a garment that will last.... Read More
  • Featured on MSNBC Your Business

    Our co-founders, J Winklepleck and Jordan Hunnell had the opportunity to showcase American Made Supply Co on the MSNBC show "Your Business".... Read More
  • How to dress up a T-Shirt

    Once again we have teamed up with the always amazing, Teaching Mens Fashion, and let him have some fun with our Mens Classic Pocket Tee. Jose is king at making a basic white tee look good ... Read More
  • Doing it for the kids...

    We are proud to say that we are made in America, and we are exceptionally proud to say that all of our clothes are made in Los Angeles and we are helping the local economy. We pride ourselves on being as American as possible and the thought of giving back to our community is always a high priority. That’s why when we started the company over a year ago, we knew that we would want to put something together that would help the less fortunate in the area.... Read More
  • Enhance your swim wear collection

    The only thing worse than having swim wear that is out of date is having no swim wear at all. Don't worry, we have you covered with some of the best boardshorts and tank tops online to beat the summer heat.... Read More

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