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September 09, 2016

When developing the brand, the founders wanted to create something truly American with all aspects of the clothing to have that American made quality. The process of finding all American made fabric wasn't easy, from the milling of the cotton to yarn, to weaving the yarn into the fabric, and using that fabric for our products. We have facilities all over the United States that help achieve these goals and the majority of our development happens right in sunny southern California.

Not only was the creation of the fabric difficult, we then had to test it over and over again to make sure that we give you the best quality with the least shrinkage with a great fit. We didn't stop there, we then went through multiple processes to make the fabric as soft and comfortable as possible while using 100% cotton for all of our fabrics.

Not only did the t-shirt material go through the rigorous process but we also did the same process to our French terry. We have chose these two fabrics to develop first because of the universal popularity in having a soft comfortable garment to wear.

We don't outsource anything and keep all manufacturing close to our headquarters in Southern California so that the quality control on everything we make is to a strict standard. As we grow, we hope to expand our fabric selection for specific activities while keeping the same strict standards that we launched with. That is why we say "quality matters" because to us it is the most important thing.

Future plans will be to have new styles every season, eliminating styles that we don’t feel are performing, and enhancing the styles that we do keep. The first launch of products is the give you the most all around collection, so go ahead and try one of everything, we guarantee that you will love it.