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February 16, 2016

American Made Supply Co. is a company built by dreamers, inventors, artists, builders and pro-active doers. We believe in creating classically timeless pieces that are both long lasting and affordable for everyone.

To us, every style offered is more than a simple garment, but a way of life. By wearing American Made Supply Co. you’re making a confident and conscious statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you.

We believe in keeping our business in-house and locally sourced, giving us the ability to keep our overhead lower than most retailers, and allowing us to pass through a savings with great prices to our customers. All products offered by American Made Supply Co. has been milled, cut, sewn, and laundered locally in Los Angeles, Ca. Each style is individually inspected during the quality control process. This occurs at the beginning, middle and ending stages of production. Every garment we make has been hand-pressed and outfitted with an American Flag sewn into the exterior side seam of each piece.

Emitting a prominent sense of pride and patriotic unity, the American Flag is a subtle reminder to everyone to always emit strength, pride, resilience. Mimicking its carefully crafted nature and strategic garment location, the American Flag brings together a shared bond, a common interest, and a sense of loyalty to one another. The culmination of these ideals have come together to form American Made Supply Co.