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May 17, 2016

It seems like today you can’t go to any retailer without them having a “slub” cotton tee option, which made me start to think, what is a “slub” cotton and why do people like this oddly named fabric? I did some research and here is what I found in the definition of a “slub” fabric:

A lump or thick spot in a yarn, or the irregular appearance of a fabric caused by such. May be a defect or a design feature.

(In Knit Fabrics) - Usually caused by a thick or heavy place in yarn, or by lint getting onto yarn feeds.

I also found this in the same definition:

A thick place in a strand of YARN caused by improper SPINNING.


So why the trend of selling imperfect fabric that has either been improperly spun or has lint in it? I have held a slub tee and there is a certain texture that goes with the fabric, and when over-dyed it produces a nice range of hues in the selected color, its imperfections almost make it aesthetically pleasing. I also noticed the negatives, stiffer/scratchy feel, less stable fabric, and prone to shrinkage. With its good and bad properties, companies are still stocking up to sell these tees, from e-commerce brand American Giant, to denim purveyors DSTLD, to the popular Madewell brand, and even the hipster retailer, Buck Mason, have “slub” fabric tees.

But why? We have many options when it comes to tees and I struggle to accept why the “slub” has become so popular. With combed cotton, pima cotton, and highly soft and comfortable blended cotton (poly/cotton, rayon/poly/cotton, etc.) being widely available, why the hype?  


I realize that as fashion is ever changing, and trends come and go, we as consumers buy into what is being sold to us and we expect only the best products. Companies are hard at work thinking of the next big thing to sell us and maybe it will be perfect or maybe it won’t, but that is our job as consumers to decipher the difference and what drives the American dream.

Shop our soft and perfect “combed cotton” tee today for $24 and don’t believe the hype of the “slub” trend.