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Our American Made Story

There are a million T-shirts out there. We know, because we’re two guys who wear them almost every day. But we ran into the same problems you do -- inconsistent fit, cheap materials, poor manufacturing. As apparel industry veterans ourselves, we realized there had to be a better way.

And the idea for American Made Supply Co. was born.

For over two years, we ordered every T-shirt and piece of casual wear we could find. We examined every detail. We measured every inch and tore them apart. All in the effort to identify the perfect style, materials, stitching, and construction.

We wanted to create apparel that fits the way you want, feels the way you want, and lasts the way you want. Whether it’s a T-shirt neckline that won’t twist or torque, or pre-washed materials that come out of the dryer looking the same way every single time, we put great thought into our apparel -- so that you don’t have to. We want American Made’s basics to be cornerstones of your closet, the first thing you grab on your way to the beach or just your neighborhood coffeeshop.

Today, we’re a fast-growing direct-to-consumer retail and private label brand, made in America, of course, from our headquarters in Los Angeles. And we put the most powerful symbol we know -- the American flag -- on every single piece we create, as the ultimate sign that we stand behind our apparel. Because for us, this is what it means to be American Made.

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